Community Orchard wardens

A thousand thanks to everyone who responded to our appeal for guardians for our Community Orchard trees. I have now drawn up an ORCHARD CARE CALENDAR - a list of tasks that ideally should be done through the year. Please do take a look & drop me a line if you need more info, or think of something I've missed off the job-list.

Buxton Economic Resilience Study

For the report on the launch and to see the study documents please click this link.




You may recall receiving a ‘Save The Date’ message back in October for the launch of the Transition Buxton Economic Resilience Study on 14 January 2015.

We are pleased to report that the study is now complete and the report to be launched in January is nearing completion.

Fruit and hedges

Our first apples ripening in the autumn sun!

The Ellison's Orange Pippin has 4 nice fruits.




HeHessel Pearssel pears are supposed to be small, but I was hoping for something a bit more substantial!

Mulching Workshop 10th August 2014

Ex-hurricane Bertha paused to allow us to explore the topic of mulching and green manures unhampered by umbrellas. The rain stopped for a neat 2 hours, resuming only at 3.35pm as we wrapped up. We talked about what exactly is a mulch? (any loose or sheet material laid over the soil surface); what's the point of mulching?; and what to do with a green manure when you want the space for other crops (cut & leave? cut & compost? dig it in? cover it in mulch?).

'The Serpentine' Nursery Regeneration


After years of discussion between Transition Buxton and High Peak Borough Council, the dream is finally getting close to becoming a reality. Buxton Town Team have taken on chairing the planning meetings, Buxton and Leek College are looking at incorporating it into their teaching syllabus, and there is a ground swell of support in the town for the project to succeed.

Grow your Own workshop 15 June 214

Good compost is key to thriving garden, it's zero-carbon (possibly even carbon-negative), free, and has positive ecological benefits.

Building up soil organic matter helps retain moisture and improve drainage, improves retention of nutrients, and even makes them more acessible to plant roots. Micro-fauna & flora populations are increased and these provide the basis of a rich food web where invertebrate numbers are boosted which provide meals for birds, hedgehogs and amphibians.

Creating a Positive Economic Future for Buxton

The song lyric ‘the times they are a changing’ has possibly never been so true.  Our society, environment and economy are changing at a dizzying pace that can be both exciting and frightening.  Human consumption and population growth have already outstripped the rate at which our environment can produce the raw materials and resources to sustain us.  The rules and structures that have governed economic development for generations are in some cases becoming irrelevant and even damaging.  We have some big choices to make individually, locally, and glob


We're planning to go ahead despite the wind.


What better gift could there be for Valentine's Day? The light of your life can have one of Buxton's Community Fruit Trees named after them, to stand as a token of your love for - with luck - the rest of your lives. The recipient will get a beautiful personalised gift card to keep, and of course you can visit your tree any time you want, then in a few years when it fruits, take a share of the harvest.


You may remember that at the last AGM we agreed we would
   set up Transition Buxton CIC, as a Community Interest
     Company. After much wrestling with Community Interest
     Statements, Articles of Association and the like, we have
    succeeded - we are duly 'incorporated under the Companies
  Act 2006 as a Community Interest Company'. Registration
date 20th November 2013, Company Number 8783449.
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