About Transition Buxton

Anyone who lives or works in Buxton and the surrounding catchment area can be a member of Transition Buxton CIC. The joining form is here. You need to fill in your details and sign it, and pay a one off joining fee of £1.

You are very welcome to join in any of our activities, or get involved in developing projects, whether you are a member or not.


Transition Buxton was originally set up in June 2008. For the first two years we ran with a steering group, on an interim constitution, while we worked out how we wanted to organise ourselves. We concentrated mainly on raising awareness and recruiting people to join our ranks. Project groups were formed to take on areas such as Food, Energy and Transport, and are developing schemes that will
make a real difference in the community.

We opened Transition Buxton to 'membership' in July 2010, when we held our first Annual General Meeting. This formally adopted the constitution and elected a co-ordinating group to replace the original steering group.

We were aware though that as an unconstituted body we were quite vulnerable, and were also missing out on opportunities for fund-raising. At the Annual General Meeting on 15th June 2013, it was agreed that we would set up Transition Buxton CIC. This process was completed on 20th November 2013, and we are now in the process of transferring membership from the old to the new.