Site Update

Hi all,

After months and months of me meaning to do it, the site has had a full update. Hopefully, no one will notice as it's all background stuff but if anyone spots anything that doesnt work the way it should then please contact me.

Happy transitioning




I can't see attachments unless I log in - don't remember that before.  Is it deliberate?  If so, I need to change the wording of some of my posts.  I know I've asked you before but is there any way I can I get the minutes from 2011 higher up the page than those from 2010? 

quite agree

Yes, I was looking at that.

I had wanted it to be like a tag cloud but, alas, it's just not working how I wanted it to. I've removed it until I can get it exactly right.

Have now added that you cannot login from certain countries. We get countless attacks from China and Russia. Hopefully this should stop this but if you know of anyone who wants to log in from somewhere other than the UK please tell me.


tag list, what for and why so long!

Hi Matt, what is the tag list on the home page for, and why are so many of the same tags duplicated, making it very long!?