Can Buxton feed itself?

Are you interested in exploring whether Buxton could feed itself? If so please read the message from Steve below...

The food group has identified the need for a strategic plan for the future of food growing in our area. This would allow us to see how proposed projects relate to one another but would be most useful when communicating with local authorities and funding bodies.

I have proposed that a first step is to produce a document along the lines of the one produced by Transition Totnes, “Can Totnes feed itself?”. The role of our own document “Can Buxton feed itself?” would be to identify what information already exists that can help us answer this question, what further research is required and the priority actions required to move our food system towards a more sustainable model.

This is quite a big undertaking but I think it’s quite an urgent one. I’m prepared to put quite a lot of time into this but the most efficient method would be if a number of us each took a separate section of the document and one person coordinated the effort. I’m prepared to take on the coordination role and some of the research but I’m looking for volunteers to take on sections of the report.

If you’re interested the first step is to read “Can Totnes feed Itself?” (attached below). If you’re still interested in taking on part of the work then please get in touch with me and let me know which bit you’d like to tackle (

Land maybe!

Members of the food group visited a potential plot of land on 5th september - negotiations with the landowner are at an early stage but it is hopeful that we will have some land to manage soon. 

 we'll need lots of volunteers to bring it to production, lots more on this later.