There is a massive overlap between Buxton Town Team's stated aims - 'to advance the prosperity of Buxton and the well-being of its community' - and Transition Buxton's ideas to revive the local economy. There's also quite an overlap in people.
Transition Buxton was one of the organisations that came together to form the Buxton Portas Pilot Group, and prepare a bid for government funding to develop initiatives that would halt the decline in the country's high streets. Well over 400 communities submitted bids, and there was only money for a small percentage of them, so our chances of success were never high. By the time we heard that we'd been unsuccessful we'd moved on, and were well on the way to forming a Town Team anyway, without needing to be part of a reality TV show!
We work closely with the Town Team on a number of projects of common interest. It is a separate organisation though, with its own priorities and its own town team website.