9th NOVEMBER 2012
Work on setting up Buxton Town Team community interest company is well on the way. A community Interest Statement has been written, the Articles of Association are in final draft and the first interim team of directors have been chosen - Alan Thompson, Tina Heathcote, Janet Miller, Joe Dugdale, Roger Floyd and Roddie MacLean. They and a few others are wrestling with setting up procedures and terms of reference and all the other lovely administrative stuff that goes with being a registered company.
Meanwhile there is an Ideas & Vision Group, led by Mike Bryant, working on assessing and prioritising the many, many suggestions for projects the team could support. In parallel with that, a Communications Group is sorting out Buxton Town Team website and email systems, logos and letterheads, and also looking at how Buxton as a whole is marketed, and a Scrutiny Group to make sure the whole thing is done transparently and ethically and does not stray from its original purpose.
The Town Team even has some money, signing up as a Town Team Partner with Andrew Bingham MP was all that was needed to access a grant of £10,000 to go towards some of the proposals in the original Portas Pilot Bid.
There is a massive overlap between Buxton Town Team's stated aim - 'to advance the prosperity of Buxton and the well-being of its community' - and Transition Buxton's ideas to revive the local economy.
Anybody can join the Town Team, email
31st JULY 2012
Well Buxton has not been given any Portas cash, but never mind, the project is progressing with more people coming forward al lthe time. Since the last meeting we've established 3 working groups, the setting up group, the ideas and vision group and the communications group. There is also a scrutiny group to keep us all legal and working with the spirit of the project. 
The ideas and vision group has come up with - well ideas and vision, lots to go on, and the setting up group is looking forward to making itself redundant in the best transition style, by setting up a Community Interest Company to be the legal body that steers, manages the projects within the town team.
Communication will be really important, that group meets on 1st august ( 7.30, Methodist church) 
one of the key things will be a new website, until then keep checking the press releases and the Portas site. 
22nd JUNE 2012
As you may know Transition Buxton was involved in preparing the bid for funding from the Portas Pilot Project. You may also know that in the first round of the selection process, we weren't one of the chosen 12. There's another round in June, we may get lucky ...
Meanwhile we're cracking on regardless, with the task of setting up a Town Team who will drive forward the regeneration of the town and local economy that we all want to see.

A workshop on Monday 28th May was attended by 57 individuals, and the general feeling was that a Town Team would be a very good idea. We discussed what sort of skills would be needed, how it could be made genuinely representative, how people would be able to feed in ideas and suggestions and how it would report back. A summary of the group responses is attached (remember you need to be registered and logged on to see the attachments).

There was a further meeting on Tuesday 19th June, to look in more detail at the proposed structure. The full report on this is attached, but the conclusion was that the proposed structure would work (though the detail needs thrashing out) and that we should go ahead with setting up a Town Team on the basis. People are invited to sign up for three groups - Setting Up, Ideas & Vision and Communications. To get involved, email