Website new user registrations

I've never been sure why but the Transtion Buxton website has always been a target for spammers (or at least, it has for all the time I've been working on it)

I spend most of my days working with websites now, from personal blogs to public facing sites for international companies and this site gets more malicious attacks than all of them put together. For example, today has seen 77 fake user signups (yesterday saw 91) - most of these are stopped by the CAPTCHA (squigly images that you have to enter to prove that you are human) but even these can be got past by spammers.

It is for this reason that I have changed the way new users sign up to the website:

Use the contact form and select "Website User Sign-up", enter you details and we will add you. If you have a particular username that you would like to use, add it to the message. The password you get sent will be temporary and can be changed at any time.