Not that many people keep bees in and around buxton and it would be great if there were more, for ecological as well as local food production reasons.

In March Mike Cross from the Derbyshire bee-keeping association gave a very interesting talk on bee-keeping, and following that a group of us have started to network. We had an informal meeting in the pub earlier this week and we'll continue to keep in contact, sharing experiences, ideas, information and even equipment.

Ideally it would be great to get a communal apiary off the ground (possibly literally, we did discuss rooftop hives!) in Buxton. But we need a volunteer to get the ball rolling...

So if that could be you, or if you have an interest in bee-keeping, or any queries - please add a comment to this forum topic!

They are stating to fly

I entered the winter with 3 hives. The orchard where I keep one of the hives was sold, so I had to give that hive away.

Both remaining hives made it thought the winter, one was very strong and one was a little bit week.

On the 20th March I took the queen out of the strong hive and put her on fresh frames, with about 35% of the flying bees.  This was done to cut down the number of mites in the hive. I was hoping that the old hive would raise an emergency queen and return my colonies to three. Unfortunately a queen needs warm dry days to mate and it does not look like we are going to get that, in the critical time window.

I am going to have to wait another few weeks before going back in and see the results.

The second hive is increasing in strength, so I will try the same action in a few more weeks, when we will hopefully have warmer weather.

If the communal apiary gets off the ground, I will donate a working hive to it.

Good to hear your update

Good to hear your update David. Hope the recent wintery conditions have not affected the hives too much. And thanks for your offer of a hive to get a communal apiary off the ground. I will email round my contacts with an interest in bees and see if enough people are wanting to give it a go. I'm just back from the ardeche in france where the honey tastes of herbs, mmm

Bees in Buxton

I've been reading up on bee keeping and really fancy having a go.  I'd like to learn from an experienced bee keeper, and perhaps lend a hand 

Then, you never know, I might work up to my own hive, and / or be part of a communal apiary co-op.  

Any experienced bee keepers out there want a part time apprentice?

Jean Ball

07770 416649 


I only obtained 15lbs of honey this year from two hives. Did anyone else do as bad as me, this year?




EFB found south of buxton.

I have just checked my bees in Chapel, no sign of trouble, but very little honey. If the weather does not improve soon, I will have to think about feeding.

Bee Keeping

Im new to Transition Buxton and was wondering if you have started some hives off or if you still need help.  Thanks Jill


Hi Jill, yes we do still need help! Do you have a site in mind? Have you kept bees before? If you want to give me a call/email to discuss I'm on 71061 /