Consumasaurus Project


Connie is now four years old and has had a few adventures over the years, but until July 2014 she'd never been out of Buxton, and never been in a vehicle. But when the request came for her to go to the Bakewell Green Fair, well - what could she say!? The horse box they sent to collect her was barely big enough, but she squeezed in there, and had a great day meeting new friends and old. As well as spreading the message that Consumerism is No Good!

More pictures on her Facebook Page.




... and she's avidly collecting friends. If you're on Facebook please be her friend, it will make her very happy. And she does need cheering up, what with still looking for a permanent home where she'll be safe. She's registered as Connie Consumasaurus (not Connie the Consumasaurus, which is just a site, not a real person - yes, I know it's confusing, we'll get rid of that one when we've worked out how!)


Tuesday 10th August

Poor Connie. Some drunken idiots came past in the night and pushed her over. There's not too much damage, nothing we can't repair, but decided safest to leave her down, wrapped up, till we can find her a permanent home.

Sunday 8th August

Happy Connie, thanks to Rosemary at the charity shop she's got two new dollies to munch. Yummy yummy!

Hopefully these ones won't get stolen like the original Barbie.



Friday 9th July 11pm


At the 11th hour, literally, she's done, and all ready for the Arts Trail over the weekend. If the interest that she's generated over the last month during construction is anything to go by, we should be inundated with visitors, not to mention the film crew who have arranged to visit on Sunday.

So if you want to see what she looks like in her final glory come along to the Church St car park between 10am and 5pm on 10th or 11th July.

Thanks to everyone who helped in whatever way. If you were going to help, kept meaning to come along but never quite got round to it - well, you missed out on a lot of fun. Next time we do something totally stupid, make sure you join in.



Progress Report 5th July

Connie the consumasaurus is coming along in leaps and bounds - well, not literally, that would be very scary indeed!

And look! She's even got a baby dinosaur to keep her company.

Her unveiling for public inspection will be weekend 10th and 11th July, as part of the Buxton Arts Trail. Even if you can't help with construction do come along on the weekend and inspect her in her final glory. Bring all your friends.


Help us Build a Consumasaurus

Ever thought you should do something with all that electronic waste in the loft? Something more useful that just taking it down the tip? Well help is at hand - or rather we need your help, and we need your waste.

We're going to build a Consumasaurus, a monument to the age of rampant consumerism, a magnificent sculpture made of old computers, broken kiddies toys, useless gadgets, promotional dvds, surplus packaging - all the throw-away detritus of the consumer society.

It will be part of the Buxton Arts Trail, so on view to all and sundry over the weekend 10th-11th July. We will need to start constructing two weeks before this (26th June) and be designing and collecting materials between now and then.  If you want to help, we need your junk and we need your time, your imagination and your contruction skills. Get in touch.