A key feature of the Transition model is that of having a number of groups working on their own projects, with a co-ordinating group to make sure they aren't working at cross purposes and to pull it all together. It means we can harness the energy and enthusiasm of ever increasing numbers of people, just by creating more project groups, without the organisation becoming unwieldy.

We currently have groups working in the following areas:-

and we are in the process of setting up a Waste & Consumerism Group.

Each group has its own page on the website, runs its own projects and organises its own events. Having said that there are guidelines, particularly where funding and payment of expenses is concerned, and we have health and safety responsibilities to be aware of. Relevant documents are attached below - note you do have to be registered with the site (click on create new account, bottom left) and be logged in to be able to access them.

If you want to get involved in any of the groups, or have a great idea for a project that isn't covered and want to form a new group, get in touch.