Allotments and Landshare

People growing their own food can make a huge contribution to the community becoming more resilient. Most of us don’t have a big enough garden to be able to do this, so an allotment is one obvious answer. You can check out where the allotments are in Buxton, and how to go about getting one, on the council’s website.

AllotsCompositeIf you’ve not had an allotment before though it can be a bit daunting, so we have held allotment open days, where a group of plotholders have opened their gardens to the public and been on hand to answer questions. Even experienced gardeners have found they pick up useful tips by seeing how others do things differently. We’ve also helped the council clear and renovate disused allotments to enable them to be let out again – there’s a nice little film of it here.

Another inititive for getting land into productive use is our Landshare Scheme. This puts people who want land to grow vegetables in touch with people who have a garden that’s too big for them to manage on their own. We’ve matched up quite a few people over the years and productive partnerships and new friendships have developed as a result. If you have land or need land then please ask to be added to our Landshare List.