Become a Community Ally

Step One

Sign the pledge (here) and send it to

Make the Plastic Free Communities Pledge to:

  1. work to remove at least three single-use plastic items from day to day activities
  2. commit to include our stance on single-use plastic in communications
  3. raise awareness and support plastic free initiatives in the community

Transition Buxton will promote your group’s pledge and provide you with a (non plastic) sign for you to display to demonstrate your support by having made the pledge.

Step Two

  • Complete an audit of your group. What single use plastics do you use? (don’t forget cleaning materials and pens)
  • What have you already got rid of or replaced? (You can claim these)
  • What can you easily stop using and providing to staff and customers?
  • What are the things you will need to phase out more gradually?
  • If you really can’t do without some items, are there sustainable alternatives on the market?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Ban biscuits wrapped individually in plastic. Buy a packet and recycle the biscuit packet at “Hard to recycle” collection points
  • Use pens that can take refills
  • Stop providing milk sachets and provide a jug of milk for members to use.
  • Refill cleaning materials (such as loo cleaner) – support local shop at Day Zero

If you need help, eg with alternatives, just email and we’ll do our best to solve your problem