Our Hard to Recycle bins

Our Hard to Recycle bins can be found at various locations around Buxton:


Sainsbury’s, Iceland and Morrisons

Green Man Gallery

Community locations:

ROFA office, Victoria Park Road

Buxton Methodist Church, The Market Place

Bath Road Community Centre

Please do not leave bags etc on or beside our bins, it could be a trip hazard and result in us not being able to have the bins in the locations.

Crisp Snacks

Crisp, popcorn, nuts & pretzels packets, crisp substitutes e.g. lentil curls, pea, hummus, vegetable crisps, tortillas, quaver types, prawn crackers. Multi-pack bags of above.

No meat snacking packets (e.g. pork scratchings), dried fruit packets, seed packets, nutrient powder and topper packets.

Where: Transition Buxton “Hard to recycle” bins

Chocolate & Sweets

Chocolate & sweet wrappers Pouches, bags & bars. Single, blocks & multi-packs All brands, inc. cooking choc, fudge and lollipop wrappers.

No Breakfast, granola and energy bar wrappers. No ice cream wrappers.

Where: Transition Buxton “Hard to recycle” bins

Biscuits and Snacks

Sweet and savoury biscuits, crackers, cake (single & multipacks), cereal bars, rice cakes, flapjacks, Twiglets, mini cheddars, Ryvita types, cheese straws, wafer biscuits, Naked bars and other fruity/oaty snack & kids’ versions.

Where: Transition Buxton “Hard to recycle” bins

Oral Care

Toothbrush, toothpaste tubes & cap and all packaging (inc. cartons), Electric toothbrush heads & packaging, floss containers and outer packaging.

No toothpaste tubes , no non -plastic or battery operated toothbrushes. No pumps, dental floss or interdental brushes.

Where: Transition Buxton “Hard to recycle” bins/p>

Plastic bags

Almost all stretchy plastic bags*, Multipack shrinkwrap, Multipack ring joiners (please cut these up first), Frozen goods bags, Postal Bags, Bubble wrap, Bags for various fruit & veg, Bags included in furniture packing, Low density polyethylene (LDPE) code 4.

*nothing compostable

Where: In the “plastic bag” bin located at Morrisons/Waitrose


Tube, Foil seal Lid, All sizes Flattened if possible.

No other brands

Where: Transition Buxton “Hard to recycle” bins

Writing Instruments

Pens, felt tips, highlighters and markers, fountain pens, ink cartridges, correction fluid.

No pencils, wax crayons, glue sticks, rulers, rubbers, sharp objects.

Where: Transition Buxton “Hard to recycle” bins

Baby Food Pouches

All brands of baby food pouches.

Not snack packets, yoghurt pots, juice and jelly pouches.

Where: With plastic carrier bags in the bin located at Waitrose

Cheese Packaging

Any brand of flexible plastic cheese pouches, individual plastic cheese wrappers, sliced cheese protective plastic film, plastic nets for for mini cheeses.

Where: Transition Buxton “Hard to recycle” bins


Paper and cardboard. plastic (bottles, pots, tubs and trays) food tins, drink cans, foil, aerosols, Cartons (Tetrapaks).

Where: Brown bin at home.

Garden plant material & food waste

Where: Green bin at home.

Medicine Blister Packets

Any drug blister pack.

Where: Bin located at Superdrug.


All kinds of batteries

Where: Any shop selling batteries, including all supermarkets.

Small electrical appliances

Where: If working, try a charity shop, such as Blythe house If not, take to B&Q, Waterswallows or book a collection at home from HPBC.

Brita Water Softener Cartridges

Any type of Brita cartridge

No other brands.

Where: Bin located in Argos.

Home Cleaning Product Packaging

Dishwasher tablets, stain remover, wipes packaging or cleaner product refill pouches

Where: Transition Buxton “Hard to recycle” bins

Printer Cartridges

All makes of PC printer cartridges

Where: Rymans in Springs Shopping Centre or Printer cartridge recycle bin in Morrisons

Flexible Coffee Packs

Any brand of coffee bean or ground coffee pouch and all brands of coffee bag sachets

Not Coffee Pods, see separate entry

Where: Transition Buxton “Hard to recycle” bins

Bread and Bagel bags

Where: Transition Buxton “Hard to recycle” bins

Coffee Pods

Various brands of Coffee Pods can be recycled through the podback scheme: for details of where to pick up bags and how to send off (free).

Last updated 27/4/2023