Library of Things

The Buxton Library of Things has been a good idea that we have been keen to bring to Buxton for some time.  Now, with thanks to Derbyshire County Council who have given us permission to occupy an area within the Library on Cote Heath our Library of Things will soon be a reality.

The next step is to fill the lockable storage that we have installed at the Library with Things for people to borrow and start to build the Library of Things Membership and team of volunteers.

The Library of Things will offer a wide range of useful Things for Library of Things Members to borrow.  Our Top 20 list of items, based on the most popular at similar enterprises elsewhere is here, but we are open to lots of other things too.  We are looking for second hand items in good working order, ideally complete with original manufacturer’s operating instructions, and any attachments / parts.   If you are willing to donate Things, or have any questions please contact  and include a phone number so that we can arrange a pick up.  We will use our start-up grant to supplement the donated Things to achieve a sufficient inventory to open the Library of Things up to Borrowers. 

Things will be checked on arrival and where appropriate serviced between borrows.  We reserve the right to refuse donated items that are in poor condition or unlikely to get borrowed and to responsibly dispose of items when they reach the end of their useful life.  The stock and range of Things in the Library will grow and evolve over time.  

Each borrow comes with a small fee to ensure we can cover our operating costs.  This is a not for profit community enterprise, run by volunteers.  After we have exhausted our small start up grant the Library of Things needs to be financially self sufficient.  Membership will cost £5, or £2.50 if you are unwaged and last for a year from your first borrow.  A few high value items will also need a refundable security deposit.  Please find the Joining Form here, and the full Terms of Borrowing (the rules) here

Depending on the pace that Things come in, and the speed with which the Volunteers can input them into the online system we hope to go live before the end of 2023, January 2024 at the latest.  If you can spare a couple of hours a month to help as a volunteer we’d love to hear from you – where required full training will be provided.  Contact

Last update: 25/09/23