Cancelled Events
We regret that we are having to cancel all our actual meetings in line with Government advice but will still be holding virtual meetings using Zoom (details below). We do hope that we will all be able to meet in person soon for our regular events that include the Repair Cafe, Green Drinks and our Monthly meetings.

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On-line Mini Seminars

During these strange times Transition Buxton is running a series of on-line mini seminars. They will be at 7:30 pm on alternate Thursdays via Zoom, Duration 40 – 60 minutes

Each session will start with a presentation (approx. 20mins) followed by Q&A.

To join these talks please register for each session in advance via awareness@transitionbuxton.co.uk You will then receive an ‘invitation’ to join the Zoom call with the link to click through at the appropriate time.

You can now watch recordings of our mini-seminars by clicking here.

On a similar theme to our previous mini seminar we have, “Diet in the Anthropocene” a second talk by Dr Terry Newholm 16th July.

As we humans have become more affluent and farming more efficient, we have increased our meat consumption and food waste in general. Along with increasing farm sizes, monoculture production, and the application of fertilizers and herbicides, this means that our present farming is therefore environmentally damaging.

Studies have recommended a reduction in meat consumption and a return to a largely plant based diet. Terry has looked at 3 reports. They agree that less meat from ruminants should be eaten but differ on how much less. Referring to these reports and other relevant peer reviewed papers Terry will explain the judgement he has made between them and conclusions he has drawn.

Our fifth mini seminar was “My Beef with Beef”, Travels to sustainability via the kitchen an entertaining and very informative talk presented by Carol Huff.

Our fourth mini seminar was Biodiversity in Buxton by Rachel Purchase from the Buxton Civic Association Biodiversity Group

Our third mini seminar was ‘From Consumer Culture to Sustainability’ presented by Dr Terry Newholm.

The second mini seminar was ‘People Powered Retrofit’ by Liam Schofield of the Carbon Coop in Manchester.

The first of our mini seminars was ‘What We Need to do Now’ by Chris Goodall.

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