Home Energy Assessment Scheme

Reducing the energy we use at home is a big part of improving our carbon footprint and increasing our resilience. We all know that if we improved the thermal efficiency of our homes we’d be warmer and happier, and we’d save money. So why hasn’t everybody already done it?

Knowing where to start is hard. What do I prioritise? How much will it cost? What can be done without major upheaval? Who can I trust to give me impartial advice? So we do nothing, or very little.  You can download our leaflet about it by clicking here.  There is also some very well-presented information if you follow this link.

To try and break this impasse, we are building a team of volunteer Home Energy assessors. The home assessments normally take about an hour and at the end we send you some suggestions plus a series of heat-energy pictures showing the most important places where you are losing heat.

If you would like a Free Home Energy Check simply complete the form below.