Become a Plastic Free Business Champion

Please sign up to reduce the use of single use plastic within your business.

Reuse, recycle and find plastic-free options wherever possible.
Start fighting plastic waste and the pollution it causes by eliminating single-use plastic from your business and committing to alternatives.
Remember that by banishing at least three avoidable single-use plastic items from your business you will also be helping your community to achieve Plastic Free accreditation

Step One:

  • Champion the plastic-free cause and let us know you are with us by emailing
  • Complete an audit of your business. What single use plastics do you use? (don’t forget cleaning materials)
  • What have you already got rid of or replaced? (You can claim these)
  • What can you easily stop using and providing to staff and customers?
  • What are the things you will need to phase out more gradually?
  • If you really can’t do without some items, are there sustainable alternatives on the market?
  • What are the things you feel you have no control over e.g. suppliers and how they provide/send goods?

Step Two:

Pick one item at a time, starting with the easiest. You know what will work for your business, so we leave those decisions to you. The ideas here are based on other businesses that have gone plastic free successfully. They include:

  • Use paper bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Ban carrier bags and encourage customers to bring their own.
  • Sell a jute or cotton bag for customers to use. Again, brand it up.
  • Refill cleaning materials (such as loo cleaner) – support local shop at Day Zero
  • Ban biscuits wrapped individually in plastic. Buy a packet and recycle the biscuit packet at “Hard to recycle” collection points
  • Use pens that can take refills
  • Stop selling bottled water and offer a Refill Service instead.
  • Could you join a Refill scheme in your local area?
  • Stop providing milk sachets and provide a jug of milk for staff/customers to use.

If you need help, eg with alternatives, just email and we’ll do our best to solve your problem

Step Three:

Download this form, no need to print it off as it can be completed online, then email it to

Transition Buxton will promote your business’ pledge and provide you with a (non plastic) sign for your window to demonstrate your support by having made the pledge.

Last updated 6/4/22