Health & Well-being


Transition to a sustainable, low-carbon lifestyle is a daunting task. The issues facing us are incredibly serious and it would be all too easy to hide away from reality and ignore the world around us. But if we face up to the very real problems surrounding us, we could equally easily become negative about everything. To progress, we need to be positive, inventive and confident, to believe that we really can make a difference, and ultimately create a society that will be much better than what we have now. We can’t hope to convert Buxton into a strong, sustainable and resilient community, though, if we aren’t feeling strong and resilient in ourselves. So our own health and well-being is hugely important. We need to eat well, keep fit and look after ourselves. Not just for our own sakes but for the sake of future generations.



If you just fancy a chat with like-minded people then why not come along to Green Drinks? Although currently suspended due to Covid 19, it’s usually on the 17th of each month from 8pm in the Sun Inn, on the High Street. We usually have a suggested discussion topic, but no-one ever sticks to that, the conversation flows free, far and wide. We always go home feeling energised, sometimes we come up with great ideas for new projects and activities, and we’d love to see you there. Or if you want to get more involved in this aspect of things, you could join our well-being group. They meet regularly but not on any specific date, so please get in touch for more information. They also organise events such as the Midwinter Feast last March, which was primarily a social occasion but also raised a significant amount for the High Peak Foodbank.