Plastic is a wonderful invention.  For example, it has allowed us to use electricity for years in safety.  Unfortunately, we have not used it responsibly and that has made it a problem.

There is a need to reduce its use, use each bit many times and recycle more when we cannot reuse or reduce.

Fortunately, there are many practical steps that each of us can take to reduce our individual reliance on plastic.  Examples of these steps are listed 25 Steps to reduce your plastic use.

But we need to take action as a community. This is why Transition Buxton has signed up to the Surfers against Sewerage “Plastic Free” scheme for Buxton. This is designed to get businesses, schools – indeed any organisation – to reduce their plastic use so customers/schools/members do not have a choice!  Further information are contained in  these two documents  Plastic-Free-Communities-Toolkit-2018 and SAS Business Toolkit.pdf

To achieve this, we need your help. 

If you are involved with an organisation or a business and can sign them up to reduce plastic then please complete the form here and return to 

We need volunteers to speak with businesses, schools etc to encourage them to sign up and reduce plastic use.  We need to raised awareness within the community to get more people to reduce their use.  We have a steering group, but we need more – we need you!!
If you want to know more or to offer to help in anyway please email