Waterswallows Solar Array



It’s early days, but when we spotted an article about a floating solar array at Godley Reservoir near Hyde, we wondered if that might work round here. We soon realised that we had a pretty good lake near Buxton – the old quarry pit at Waterswallows. It’s a brownfield site, designated for industrial use, not overlooked by or used by anyone, and it’s very big. Even better, it’s very near to the main substation that feeds Buxton and to large power users such as Tunstead Quarry.

It’s an exciting and ambitious scheme, and the first stage is to look into it in real detail. We need a full feasibility study and that doesn’t come cheap. So with help from Regen South West we prepared an application to WRAP for funding, and sent out an invitation to tender to go out to potential renewable energy consultants to do the work. The agreement is in the final stages but we hope that work on detailed investigations into technical isues and business viability will be starting soon.

More news as we have it – but if you’re interested in helping out with this project do get in touch.