Our History

Transition Buxton was originally set up in June 2008. For the first two years we ran with a steering group, on an interim constitution, while we worked out how we wanted to organise ourselves. At first we concentrated mainly on raising awareness and recruiting people to join our ranks. Later project groups were formed to take on areas such as Food, Energy and Transport, to develop schemes that would make a real difference in the community.

We opened Transition Buxton to ‘membership’ in July 2010, when we held our first Annual General Meeting. This formally adopted the constitution and elected a coordinating group to replace the original steering group. Our guiding principles were:

  1. to act always in a manner consistent with the Universal Declaration on Human Rights
  2. to act in a manner consistent with the aims and guidance of the Transition Towns Movement
  3. to maintain and safeguard the independence of Transition Buxton from all political parties, corporations, statutory bodies and voluntary bodies
  4. to remain a not-for-profit body whose members would never make a direct personal profit from any activity.

We were aware that as an unconstituted body we were quite vulnerable, and possibly missing out on opportunities for fund-raising. At the Annual General Meeting on 15th June 2013. A CIC is a Community Interest Company, please see the Transition Buxton CIC tab under Home for details of our commitment to community benefit, our policies and Directors.