Consumasaurus Project



Connie was built in spring 2010 as our entry to the first ever Buxton Arts Trail. We had the idea of building a dinosaur out of junk, that would demonstrate very visually the vast amount of consumer waste that our society produces.

Members and supporters raided their attics and cellars, and we also persuaded Sita at the Waterswallows Recycling Centre to let us raid their containers. From the piles of old vacuum cleaners, computers, fax machines, telephones, toys, CDs, supermarket packaging and other bits and pieces, Connie gradually emerged. She is genuinely a ‘totally rubbish dinosaur’ as even the wire that holds her together was stripped out of old cables and elecrical goods.

She’s has had a few adventures over the years. After her success at the 2010 Arts Trail we mounted her on an old door, that, along with the bases from a couple of old office chairs, means we can now move her around relatively easily. We took her round the carnival in 2011, she’s a regular feature at the annual Buxton Spring Fair, and occasionally attends other events in the town. In 2014 she even went to the Bakewell Green Fair, squeezing her into a horsebox for the trip was quite a challenge. She’s inspired a number of ‘build your own dinosaur’ workshops and been an invaluable prop in spreading the message that Consumerism is Unsustainable!

Click here to watch a short video about Connie.


More pictures on her Facebook Page.