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Energy – Latest News

Green Homes Grant Scheme – 01/11/20

Would you like to be warmer at home this winter and have lower energy bills. If so, you should explore the UK Government’s Green Homes Grant. You may be able to claim a voucher to put towards energy efficiency and low carbon improvements to your home.

UK Government Green Homes Grant Scheme

The government’s Green Home Grant will hopefully help many people make environmentally positive enhancements to their homes with the government taking up to two thirds the cost, up to a maximum of £5,000. The GHG is open to homeowners and landlords. One part of the scheme targeted at low-income homeowners has a higher limit.

It is important remember that as the scheme is currently defined you need to be installing a primary measure (for example Cavity Wall insulation) in order to apply for a secondary measure (for example Draught proofing). Furthermore, the work needs to be completed by a Trustmark registered tradesperson, so it is not for DIYers.

The Scheme opened in September 2020.  The completion date by which  improvements must be done is 31 March 2022.  This was extended on 18th November 2020 due to popularity resulting in difficulty finding installers. 

An easy to read explanation of the scheme can be found at the Simple Energy Advice website. Scrolling down the page on the site you wil find an easy to use eligibility checker.

The next step are to apply for a voucher go to the government website. Vouchers issued for work under the scheme should be available in November.

You will also need to find a Trustmark registered tradesperson that covers the area and the job you wish to perform. This is currently proving to be the most difficult step, as already stated the building and associated industries are very busy currently. Click here for the Trustmark site.

One useful briefing is from Carbon Coop in Manchester. The video is 1hr 23mns long, but worthwhile in my opinion. Watch here.