Buxton Cup

The Buxton Cup has arrived.….

The Buxton Cup is a dishwasher safe pint “glass” that can be personalised and used again and again; and, when eventually worn out, it can of course be recycled.

Wherever single use plastic glasses are used at outdoor events and festivals, this cup is the solution. It prevents single use plastic that rarely gets recycled but usually goes to landfill.

So by using the “Buxton Cup”, you can, whilst enjoying your beer, make a difference to the amount of rubbish that is generated.

Whilst initially the thinking was to reduce the amount of single use plastic that was discarded, it remains a good idea even if such plastic glasses are increasingly being replaced by compostable versions. These still require energy and resources to create; still causing emissions and likely to take up land that could be used for food.

Where can you get one?

Currently, you can buy one in the Pavilion Gardens or, for a donation, by contacting Transition Buxton at plastic@transitionbuxton.co.uk

We expect there to be more locations soon, such as The Buxton Visitor Centre (Pump Room) and Chakra Lounge.

Anyone interested in selling and using the Buxton Cup should contact plastic@transitionbuxton.co.uk

Photos on this page show Transition Buxton members with their Buxton Cups at our recent Green Drinks event. Green drinks happens on 17th of every month. Check our Events page for details of next Green Drinks.