Q: Why should we care?
A: Because climate change and depleting resources will make our lives increasingly difficult …
unless we start to change the way we live now.

The idea of Transition is for people to work together with others on projects that will help the community to thrive even as we adapt to cope with fluctuating energy prices and climate change.

Anyone who lives or works in Buxton and the surrounding catchment area can be a member of Transition Buxton CIC – the Application form is here. We are happy to accept donations from members and  supporters, see the Funding and Donations page for more information.

We have groups working on a range of projects – a community orchard, a floating solar array, a home energy scheme, producing more food locally, encouraging better use of public transport and cycling – browse our site to find out more.

For more information about why we need to do this, check out the Oil Dependency and Climate Change pages.

What’s Going On?

For more on what is happening see our Events Calendar.

Monday 1st May 10:00 till 17:00 Buxton Spring Fair. We’ll be there, hopefully on our usual spot on Scarsdale Place. Come along for a chat, meet Connie Consumasaurus, help put the world back together – more details nearer the time.

Saturday 3rd June 10:30 till 14:00 Plant Swap and Street Collection. It’s an annual fixture, your chance to pick up a few baby plants for the veg garden. Or if you have spares to donate we’d be very pleased to have them. Non-edible plants are welcome so long as they aren’t poisonous.


Regular Events

Green Drinks from 8pm 17th of every month in the Sun Inn. A sociable get together to chat about all things sustainable and environmental.

Members Meeting 7:30pm 2nd Tuesday of every month
at Pooles Cavern. Regular meeting to help plan our activities.