Cancelled Events
We regret that we are having to cancel all our actual meetings in line with Government advice but will still be holding virtual meetings using Zoom (details below). We do hope that we will all be able to meet in person soon for our regular events that include the Repair Cafe, Green Drinks and our Monthly meetings.

On-line Mini Seminars

During these strange times Transition Buxton is running a series of on-line mini seminars. They will be at 7:30 pm on Thursday 7th May, 21st May, & 4th June via Zoom, Duration 40 – 60 minutes

Each session will start with a presentation (approx. 20mins) followed by Q&A.

To join these talks please register for each session in advance via awareness@tranitionbuxton.co.uk You will then receive an ‘invitation’ to join the Zoom call with the link to click through at the appropriate time.

You can now watch a recording of our first two mini-seminar by clicking here. They were ‘What We Need To Do Now’ presented by Chris Goodall and ‘People Powered Retrofit’ by Liam Schofield of the Carbon Coop in Manchester.

This talk is based on Chris Goodall’s book which offers a set of solutions to each of the main challenges posed by global heating including energy supply, housing, food, clothing and manufacturing problem areas, such as cement and steel. It finishes by looking briefly at the opportunities for direct capture of CO2 from air, a carbon tax and dividend system, and the possible benefits and costs of tinkering with the reflectivity of the Earth’s atmosphere. https://www.carboncommentary.com/

The second mini seminar was ‘People Powered Retrofit’ by Liam Schofield of the Carbon Coop in Manchester.

Liam spoke about a community-led project for improving comfort and lowering carbon in existing housing. The Carbon Coop take a bottom-up approach to retrofit. Instead of the top-down one-size-fits-all approach taken in some government initiatives, the Carbon coop looks at local needs and resources to build partnerships between households and local firms. www.carbon.coop.

On Thursday 4th June will be ‘From Consumer Culture to Sustainability’ presented by Dr Terry Newholm.

Dr Newholm was co-author of The Ethical Consumer in 2005 and is currently Hon. Reader in Consumption Ethics at University of Manchester. He will illustrate the complex challenge we face in trying to address climate change and species loss. One of his key areas of interest is in ethical consumption in a world where human activity is increasingly seen as having a detrimental effect on our environment. https://www.facebook.com/EthicsinConsumption/videos/1075569342475225/.


Q: Why should we care?
A: Because climate change and depleting resources will make our lives increasingly difficult …
unless we start to change the way we live now.

The idea of Transition is for people to work together with others on projects that will help the community to thrive even as we adapt to cope with fluctuating energy prices and climate change.

Anyone who lives or works in Buxton and the surrounding catchment area can be a member of Transition Buxton CIC – the Application form is here. We are happy to accept donations from members and  supporters, see the Funding and Donations page for more information.

We have groups working on a range of projects – a community orchard, a floating solar array, a home energy scheme, producing more food locally, encouraging better use of public transport and cycling – browse our site to find out more.

For more information about why we need to do this, check out the Oil Dependency and Climate Change pages.

Do look at our events calendar, it is full of things happening in the next few weeks.

Donate to Transition Buxton

You can now donate on-line by simply clicking the button below:


The monthly Buxton Repair Café is held on the 4th Saturday of the month  in the lower hall at Buxton Methodist Church on the Market Place.  Please note the new times of 10am-2pm.

In the three months since we started we have fully repaired 59 items and improved another 16. These include ceramics (94), electrical (42), sewing (19) and another 10 less specific.

The repairers and the folks who brought in items all seemed to enjoy themselves.

One chap said it was the best bit of live theatre he’d seen in a while.

We have also been successful in securing a small grant from The Bingham Trust for the start-up phase. This means that we can afford the room hire for the first 6 months, pay for a couple of volunteers to get trained to PAT test electrical items that come in for repair, buy a PAT test gadget, get some proper publicity materials produced, and join the international Repair Café organisation which has lots of useful tools and guidance from the 1300+ other Repair Cafes around the world.

For more detail click here.


One of our members recently visited the site where our recycling material is processed at UPM at Shotton in North wales.  It was a fascinating and very impressive visit.  The organiser of the trip has sent this update on what is happening at the plant.
  1. UPM have confirmed that none of their plastic output goes overseas.
  2. The first stage of their process crushed glass items in to small pieces, which fell out of the bottom of the machine, together with other small items such as metal lids and bottle tops, and were all conveyed away.
  3. UPM have clarified that this stream goes to Recresco at Ellesmere port, where they extract the metal items for recycling, and (remarkably) are able to optically sort the glass pieces by colour. Then 95% goes into re-melt with a local glass manufacturer, 5% goes into aggregate, for such use as cement blocks (breeze blocks) or aggregate for road construction.
  4. The last stage of plastic sorting was switched off when we visited, because there was no commercial outlet for polypropylene (PP, recycling code5) items, such as yoghurt pots, ice cream tubs etc.
  5. After trials in August this year UPM now have UK outlet for these materials.
  6. You can read the visit report here http://www.maccinfo.com/Recycling.html

Click here to read about our recycling initiative and how to identify what sort of plastic it is.


Transition Buxton director, Derek Bodey recently gave a talk on becoming plastics free.

He has split his presentation into two parts which you can download here:

Read more and plenty of downloads on our “Plastic” page.

What’s Going On?

For information on what is happening see our Events Calendar.


Regular Events

Green Drinks from 8pm 17th of every month in the Sun Inn. A sociable get together to chat about all things sustainable and environmental.

Members Meeting 7:30pm 2nd Tuesday of every month at Pooles Cavern. Regular meeting to help plan our activities.