Potato Day 2024

NEWSFLASH * * Online ordering for Potato Day 2024 is now open**

We are partnering with our friends at Transition Chesterfield to bring you their Potato Day 2024.

Freshly dug potatoes 45mins from garden to plate. yum!

What is potato day? It allows you to order potato tubers to grow for the 2024 season, from Transition Chesterfield’s Potato Day website. You pay them directly via the simple website ordering process and you will collect from Transition Buxton on a series of dates. We will publish the dates and location in Buxton to collect from once we have deliveries confirmed, which is expected to be second week of February 2024.

What do I need to do if interested? Online ordering (Pre-ordering) is now available and will run until 23rd November 2023. During that period log on order and pay for your potatoes. Much more detail is available on the Potato Day website. Click on the catalog to see what is available and select your potatoes. To have a quick look in advance click here.

How will they know to deliver to Buxton? In the ordering process you will be given the option of selecting which town you want to pick up from. If you select Buxton your order will be available via us. If you put Chesterfield you will need to go to Chesterfield!

I am unavailable the week in late January when Transition Chesterfield run their event, so cannot pick up our orders. I have one volunteer to do this, but would like a second in case availabilities change. Please email Robin on contact@transitionbuxton.co.uk if you could help.

If you have any questions please email contact@transitionbuxton.co.uk

Last updated 4/10/23